Technical Writing Services

Confai will plugin as your technical writing department and create world-class documents for you. Documents such as case studies, white papers, user manuals, developers guides, API documentation, technical illustrations.

We take up work from multiple domains such as software, manufacturing, electronics, aviation, robotics, shipping.

Our writers are engineers with domain experience in their respective fields before they moved into technical writing. Our editorial team has decades of experience in international as well as culture/region specific communication.

some of the documents that we can develop are as under:

User Documentation

From concise “Quick Start Guides” to extensive “User Manuals”,quality user documentation is critical for the success of any product. It is an extension of your company’s brand. Poorly written or insufficient documentation can be a negative reflection on the image of your company and result in increased support calls.

Making user documentation accurate and complete is a basic requirement. The trick is in making the user documentation useful i.e. easy to follow, intuitive and appealing. We are experts at communications. We understand what users look for in good user documentation. Different audiences need different levels of information, perhaps in different formats. Beginning with an audience analysis, we provide the appropriate information in a format that a specific class of users will find appealing and useful.

Process Documentation

We can document your processes including Quality processes (ISO 9000, CMM, Six Sigma), Training processes (ISO 10015), Information Security processes (ISO 17799, BS7799) and Documentation processes (ISO 18019 & 15910).

We not only have documentation experience but also process implementation experience in the above processes. Some of our core members are qualified auditors/ lead auditors in some of these processes.

Process documentation produced by us will to not only help you get (or maintain) an international process standard but also help you derive real benefit from it in terms of quality improvement and productivity gains.

Our process documents are process owner centric and hence very little is required to train them in these processes. We even make process tutorials for your process training activities. We make ample use of illustrations and process maps using UML or other pictorial representations.

Technical Illustrations

Quality Illustrations and graphics are critical for technical documentation. For hardware products, proper illustrations can simplify the installation process and vastly reduce the burden on your support group. We specialize in complicated illustrations using a variety of tools including:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • QuarkXPress
  • Visio
  • Variety of CAD tools

API Documentation

This documentation is for Developers. It provides technical information in-detail to explain how to work with your software code.

Developer’s Guide

Developer’s Guide provides information about customizing applications according to an organization’s needs, or moving an organization’s programs and data from one application or system to another.

API Documentation

API documents help customer to customize an application. These documents describe the programming interface of your product to allow integration into other products or systems. The volume of API documentation has increased in recent years due to rapid growth in companies engaged in software product development.

System Architecture Documentation

The document provides a high-level architectural overview of the system, using different architectural views to show different aspects of the system. It records the significant architectural decisions which have been made on the system.

Why Us?

Developer or API Documentation require Technical Writers with an ability to understand basic programming concepts, and we at Confai have a team of Technical Writers who are skilled programmers and also have a specialization in using Javadoc for generating API’s. In fact, depending on their background, each Technical Writer has specialization in a particular kind of API documentation. We have experience developing Developer or API documentation in the following technologies:


Online Help

Increasingly, Online Help is the format of choice for all types of products, especially software and web based ones. Online documentation is easier to update, has better search capabilities and can be made context sensitive. Confai has extensive expertise in Online Help Formats such as:

  • HTML Help
  • Microsoft HTML Help
  • Java-Help
  • Oracle-Help