Technical Writing Training

An experienced instructor sees you and talks to you via internet. The instructor trains you, clarifies your doubts, makes you do exercises and guides you while you work on new concepts and skills on your computer.


Yes you are provided certificate after successful completion of a course.

Diploma in Technical Writing  more details…

Duration – 4 Weeks
  • Lays the foundation in technical writing

COURSE on DITA/XML  more details…

Duration – 1 Week
  • Designed to give you hands on training in DITA/XML.
  • After undergoing this course, you will not only understand the all the DITA/XML related concepts, but will be able to create DITA documentation yourself without any help.

COURSE on API Documentation  more details…

Duration – 1 Week
  • Demistifies API Documentation and helps you understand what it really is
  • After completing this course, you will be able to confidently create API Documentation

COURSES on Authoring Tools

Duration – 1 Week Each
  • COURSE: FrameMaker
  • COURSE: FrameMaker (Structured)
  • COURSE: RoboHelp
  • COURSE” Captivate
  • COURSE: MadCap Flare
  • COURSE: XMetal
  • COURSE: Author-it
  • COURSE: MS Word (Advanced)
  • COURSE: MS Word (Macros and Plugins)

COURSE: Advanced Writing Skills for Technical Writers

Duration – 1 Week
  • Focus on improving writing skills for technical writers
  • Writing as well as Editing skills covered
  • Meant for experienced Technical Writers with atleast 4-5 years of experience

Tools for Diagrams and Graphics

Duration – 1 Week
  • Photoshop, SnagIt, Visio for TechWriters

COURSE: Technical Writing Project Work

Duration – 2 Weeks
  • Meant to give you real experience in Technical Writing
  • You get experience of completing a project through all its stages
  • Experienced Technical Writers mentor and guide you through out the project
  • You can mention the project in your CV

COURSE: Managing Technical Writing Department

Duration – 1 Week
  • For very Senior Technical Writers with leadership role
  • Meant to help you understand modern trends and techniques of Documentation Workflows, Documentation Automation, Content Management, Reviews and Publishing, Single Sourcing, and Collaborative writing

COURSE on Documentation Automation

Duration – 3 Weeks Each Tool
  • Provides you skills in automating documentation workflows, tool automation
  • You will be able to program tools such as FrameMaker, MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, and MS Word.
  • You will be able to make plugins that enhance the features of these tools and make your team more productive
  • Meant for anyone with interest/experience in software development