Documentation Solutions

DITA/XML based Single Sourcing Solutions

Confai provides XML based single sourcing solutions. Confai successfully developed and implemented xDocSys, a DITA based topic management and publishing solution. This solution provides content repositories, version management and localization management. xDocSys helps you to reuse and publish the content in multiple formats, thus making content management more easy and effective..

Document Management Systems

Confai has its own Document Management System called CDMS. This system has features like virtual document repositories, workflows, version control, and role based security, which are used for managing documents in an enterprise.

In addition to these, Confai provides solutions based on Microsoft’s Sharepoint services/server, as well as Alfresco – the popular open source Document Management System.

Tools Programming

Confai has developed plugins for popular documentation tools such as FrameMaker and MS Word as well as development tools such as Eclipse. These plugins help automate documentation activities. Confai uses technologies such as C, VC++, VB.Net, C# to create these plugins.

To automate Adobe FrameMaker Confai also develops solutions based on FrameScript.

See how we used FrameScript in handling an important documentation project for our client

Intelligent Templates

Confai has specialized in creating intelligent document templates. These templates, for popular tools such as FrameMaker and MS Word, can guide the author in creating documents, ensure that internal writing guidelines are not violated, stop the author from committing writing errors, generate documentation metrics for quality evaluation, and so on.

These templates are created by our documentation software specialists by embedding software programs in the templates.

Content Generation Tools

Confai provides tools that help the authors create quality content quickly. These tools also keep a check on plagiarism and other copyright violations.