Why Get Trained from Confai

Been training since 2002. Trained more than 4000 technical writers from India, USA, UK, Australia, and NewZealand. Many of the technical writers we trained are now in leadership roles in Top organizations.

Corporate World Trusts Confai to Train their Experienced Technical Writers.

Confai not only trains beginners but highly experienced Technical Writers. For example Confai has trained very senior technical writers from companies such as TCS, Accenture, Delloitte,ADP, HCL just to name a few.

Career Assistance. Confai provide career guidance to beginners as well as senior Technical Writers.

Successfully Executed Hundreds of Technical Writing Projects for a variety of organizations from across the globe. See testimonials of our clients..

Won International Awards of excellence. Some of the technical documents created by Confai won international awards of excellence.

Confai extends the limits of Technical Writing Tools. Confai not only teaches advanced tools, but tears them apart, studies them and its Software Team extends the limits of common tools and make them compete with the best (and most expensive). For example Confai’s “OneDok’ adds features to MS Word that makes it at Par with FrameMaker (costs about US Dollar $2000, equavilent to Indian Rupees One Lakh), or ‘ePublisher’ that makes MS Word have powers of RoboHelp.

Confai advises top companies – how to do it: Companies such as TCS, HCL, Synopsys, Motorola, Azingo, when faced challenges to handle difficult projects sought the help of CONFAI to execute those projects. Projects that required advanced knowledge and skills in technical documentation technologies such as DITA, XML, documentation automation, or conversion to structured documents.

Profile of the People that run Confai: Arun Jain, Director; has been President of STC Boston (USA), BE (Electrical & Electronics), MBA (Marketing – USA), held senior positions such as vice-president or president in top MNCs in USA before joining Confai. As director of Confai, has managed large technical writing projects for clients in USA.

Balraj Bawa the COO has architected many technical writing software tools such as DITA convertor, XDocSys (DITA based document management solution), MDP (document workflow solution), OneDok (single sourcing solution for MS Word), and many more. He has also been the lead trainer for technical writing training. He holds M.Tech(computer science) and MBA(marketing).