Tips for Blog Writing

Online readers are in search of easy and informative posts or blogs. They need something that uses plain language and gives more information. When they see jargons and highfaluting words, they automatically veer away and look somewhere else. You wouldn’t want your followers to do this so make sure that you write like you talk. Never be too informal. Just write as if you were having a classic conversation with your friends who needs a advice. In this way, you can win the confidence of your readers.

While writing a blog you needs to flow some of the basic writing tips such as define the blog platform, write a blog to reach the target audience and understand the purpose of a blog

Writing should be simple. The answer should not be complicated and should give answer without babbling. The search engines likes to see the things in a clean order.

“If you talk on and on about nothing particular, the reader’s eyeballs will fall out of their head with boredom.”

Here are some tips for blog writing:

1.Make your opinion known

2.Make your posts easy to scan

3.Write less (350 Words are enough)

4.Link like crazy

5.Make Headlines snappy

6.Be consistent with your style

7.Include Bullet point lists

8.Litter posts with the keywords

9.Edit your post

Make the opinion known

People like blogs, as blogs are written by people and not by corporations. People wants to know what other people think and are crazy on others thoughts. Tell the audience clearly and exactly what do you think using least number of words possible.

Make the post easy to scan

Make the sentences and the headlines short and up to the point. For every few paragraphs insert a sub heading. Use Gerund form for easy understanding.

Write Less (350 words are enough)

Give the maximum information within a least amount of words. As time is finite and also people are infinitely busy. So blast your knowledge into a reader at a speed of sounds. The long posts are easy to forget and hard to get into. The short posts are the vice versa.

Link like crazy.

Support the posts with some links to the other web pages that are contextual to the posts.

Make Headlines snappy

Express the whole argument in the headlines. Check out some of the National newspapers to know how they do it.

Be consistent with style

Once the style is settled, the audiences stick to style. So be consistent with styles

Include bullet point lists

People love list points, as it structures the information in a very easy digestible format.

Litter posts with the Keywords.

Think about the mostly used keywords by people to search for the post and include those keywords in body text and also in headers. Be sure that the keywords placement is natural and also should not seem the words out of place.

Edit your post

The good blog depends on the editing. Before submitting the post, re-read the post and cut out some of the stuff that is not need.