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As in any other profession, to become an effective technical writer one needs to acquire certain type of skills. When technical writing came into being, it required mostly the writing skills as huge manuals or guides were a standard. Ever since the fields of technology and communications have grown, so also the skills required for […]

If you are an Engineer or a Computer Science graduate and looking for a career other than software development or testing, then try considering technical writing as a potential career option. Little is known about technical writing as a career and people miss out on good job opportunities. But, as companies are realizing the need […]

Technical writing is also known as Technical communication. It is a way to communicate ideas with the readers and present technical information in an easy-to-understand way. As a Technical Writer, you have the power to transform the scary technical jargons into simple and understandable language. Technical writers are the people who understand the technical product […]

Finding a good software tester has become really difficult these days. There are some basic qualities required of a good software tester. Some of them are stated below: Good technical skills – a tester must have some programming skills to understand what software does and be able to write automation scripts. Analytical and logical skills […]

One of the most difficult decisions a woman has to take is to choose between her career and family.It is the dilema most women face especially on becoming mothers. On one hand you have a satisfying job for which you toiled day and night ,on the other you have your little one who in many […]

As you draft and edit, it is helpful to keep in mind the effective ways to present sentences and paragraphs. When you revise your drafts, check the language and remove any area of possible confusion. If you have repeated any word, see whether you can change the sentence. The following passages will help you to […]

For organizations having global presence, to be successful in the foreign market one has to often depend on the documentation which is localized and properly rendered or translated. But localization and translation process can be tedious, costly and time consuming. Unable to keep up with the localization expenses, organizations often limit them or forgo them […]

Online readers are in search of easy and informative posts or blogs. They need something that uses plain language and gives more information. When they see jargons and highfaluting words, they automatically veer away and look somewhere else. You wouldn’t want your followers to do this so make sure that you write like you talk. […]

Developers need to work with third party code to develop complete applications. In order to integrate the applications with third party code programmers need well written API documentation. API stands for Application Programming Interface. API Documents are also required to work on platforms (and develop applications) such as Intuit, Sun, Google and API documentation […]

The objective of technical writing is to clearly convey some information to a select group of audience in a way that topic can straight away be understood. Technical writing is a way of analyzing, generating and managing information about various products and technical procedures to be used in the generation of technical documentation. Technical writers […]