SME Solutions
SME – Orders and Inventory

App based inventory and order management System for small businesses

Helps Micro or small business owners take control of their enterprise with the help of our App solution

The app has a very simple interface and anyone can easily use it. The interface can be customized with your branding and the look and feel you desire. The app can be registerd seperatly as you business app


  • Four Sections as under:
  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Settings

Inventory Management

  • Add and Edit inventory items
  • Easily update stock position
  • Search for different items based on stock position, keywords, or categories

Sales Orders

  • Automatically create Sales orders by clicking on inventory items
  • Automatically applies taxes and calculates the final cost
  • Automatically adjusts the inventory stock
  • Enables printing of the sales orders
  • Can edit or cancel the orders


  • A large number of reports can be configured
  • Reports
    • Reports based on any combination of dates, order value, products, etc.
    • Quick reports such as sales today, or last one week, etc.
  • Inventory reports such as re-order report helps in taking pro-active action to run the business

Reorder Report

  • This report shows all inventory items that are below the reorder value
  • This list helps the user to reorder stock items before they get out-of-stock


  • Can configure properties such as taxes, currencies, printers
  • Can configure extra options such as barcode scanning
  • Can pick the reports that the user is interested in
  • Optional:
  • Enables user/admin to create multiple users and managing their permissions (in case the app is used in multiuser environment)