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Your Customers Live in Mobile World. Remain
connected with customers through Your Own App


SPANS includes a customized CUSTOMER APP. This app carries your Logo and Brand. Your Customer App has wonderful features such as:

  • Customers receive automatic notifications and alerts of your new offers, deals, events, news, photos with captions, or any other marketing message from your marketing team
  • Customers can Buy/Gift Cover charges online. Your staff can verify these purchases quickly by just pointing their mobile towards the guest’s mobile.
  • If there is a long queue for entry, customers can join the queue through their App without physically crowding your entrance. They receive automatic notifications of their Queue Status.
  • Customers can pay & place self-service orders from dance floor or from any cosy corner. They get alert when their order is ready.
  • Customers can even create orders and pass on to the waiters. For such orders they have option to pay online.


SANS comes with a STAFF APP that interacts with CUSTOMER APP. The STAFF App has functionality for the following Roles:

  • Manager/Management: Can view reports related to orders, sales, from one or more locations/branches
  • Marketing Team: Can create or modify menu, rates, offers, deals. Can also take photos, put captions on them and transmit to Customers. Also create news, events, or just about any marketing
    message. A powerful tool to engage with your customers
  • Door Entry Staff: Can manage virtual queue. Also verify cover charge purchases by quickly scanning secured barcodes
  • Waiters: Can take orders on their STAFF APP. They get automatic alerts when the orders are ready. They can also view orders created by customers and passed to them.
  • Bartenders/Kitchen: Customers (Self-service pre-paid orders) or waiter orders are split for Bar items and Kitchen. Bartender receives bar order and Chef receives kitchen order
  • Cashier: Can view, receive payments, and close all orders . The App can be connected with cash tray and thermal printer