Part-Time Tech Writing for Full-Time Mothers

One of the most difficult decisions a woman has to take is to choose between her career and family.It is the dilema most women face especially on becoming mothers. On one hand you have a satisfying job for which you toiled day and night ,on the other you have your little one who in many ways is solely dependent on you. The decision gets tougher when the perks attached with the job are high. What do you in such a scenario- give up all that you worked for or sacrifice your child’s rightful time? Well I would suggest balance both. The big question is how?

Thankfully with the forays in the world of technology lot of new job options have opened up. One such interesting field is Technical Writing.Technical Writing involves writing formal communication in the form of technical manuals, user manuals , online helps,brochures for a product or service. The writing is intended for a specific target audience and can be circulated using either printed form or digital media.Today with callcentre costs running high companies are turning to good technical documentation for customer reference.This in turn has increased the demand for technical writers amongst corporates across industries.

The good news is that Techical writing jobs dont need any specific degree or background.The basic pre-requisites are English,good communication skills and knowledge of popular tools like MS Word, SNAGIT,Robohelp etc.These tools can be easily learnt from training programs available in the market for Techical Writing.

The other good news is that a lot of these companies are willing to hire part time technical writers or free lancers. Many technical writing jobs also come with work from home option or flexi hour option.The reason being technical writing job involves writing about “something” once you “konw that something” no other dependecy is necessary.Writing can be done from any place.

And now for the best part of the news-monetary benefits involved in technical writing jobs are equivalent to a software job.

Isn’t this then the God send job for all mothers!