Online Games Solution

Confai provides MOBILE APP based Lotto/Lottery solultions for its customers around the globe. These solutions can be easily customized to suite a particular country and comply with their laws.

Some of the solutions are:

Card based simple lottery systems

Animated 2d/3d Casino games

For masses, knowledge based games such as ‘who will be a millionaire’

We help you setup processes around these games ensure complete business flow. For example, a typical process for knowledge based games could be:

  • Each day, some questions are randomly selected and displayed for the day.
  • Questions could be related to Football, Life-Style, Fashion, Politics, etc.
  • Users make online payment to participate in each competition
  • Users are expected to answer the questions
  • The frequency/duration of the competition could be set to each day or more days
  • All Users who answered correctly, are shortlisted automatically and then amongst them, a winner is chosen randomly by the backend app.
  • Winners are announced through push notifications and the winner is sent instructions for collection of amount

Top Security, Accountablity, Credibility

  • We work with our clients to ensure that they are able to get the highest Level of process/software security certification
  • All transactions are highly secured and auditable by third-party global auditors such as KPMG, PWC, or Ernest & Young
We closely work with our clients and provide complete business setup. Some of the tasks we undertake are:

  • Setup the backend application/database
  • Get the software and all backend processes certified for security
  • This gives confidence to the users that the process is not rigged and there is no chance of cheating by the organizers.
  • International 3rd party auditing firms to be used for credibility
  • Tie-up with existing lottery agents
  • For distribution of lottery amount
  • First level of user interaction
  • Confidence of users with the lottery agents
  • Each lottery agent will have own agent ID
  • Start the Marketing Campaigns