Listening Skills for Tech Writer

What distinguishes a good technical writer apart? Is it the knowledge of tools ,the language one uses or the experience. Well debatable but the one key factor we have observed that really makes a difference is the art of listening. It may sound very cliche’ but this art is still one of the most important qualities and yet rare.

Listening to what your client wants is one of the most crucial aspect of a technical writer’s job. At the end of a day sound communication happens only when it is “heard” and unless a writer does not hear enough and hear right he cannot write..

For a good technical writer this art can really take him ahead of his peers. Listening not only helps you understand the requirement better but also helps you win your client’s confidence and trust.It makes the client feel important,heard and valued.

Good listening also helps a writer cut down his project time and cost . We have found that if you listen well your document’s iterative cycle of re-writing reduces drastically.

So to conclude “Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.”
-Frank Tyger