Importance of Good Resume

A resume is a summary of education details, skillset and work experience. A resume is very important as it introduces you to the interviewer. In first screening the resume only decides whom to call for interview. The employer may just have a glance at your resume but it is very important for the jobseeker as the resume does advertising for you.
Though Resume is often referred to as CV (curriculum vitae) there is a difference between Resume and CV. Resume is short while CV is longer than a resume and contains detailed synopsis.

Here are few tips for writing an effective resume:

  1. Keep it short. Don’t make the resume lengthy and boring.
    2. Highlight your positive points.
    3. Don’t write anything fake.
    4. Use bullet points instead of long text paragraphs.
    5. Don’t mention anything negative in your resume.
    6. Do not put your photo on your resume unless specified by the employer.
    7. Tailor your resume according to the job description. Many people use the same resume for all job opening. It may save your time but it reduces the chance of getting interview call.
    8. Don’t include information like age, religion or reference available on request.
    9. Do not use technical jargon or abbreviations in your resume.
    10. If you have 20 yrs+ experience, remove the irrelevant or old experience if the resume is becoming too lengthy.
    11. Plan your resume in such a way that the most important part should come in the beginning.
    12. Don’t use too many style in the document like italics or underline.
    13. Do not mention your percentage or grade points unless you are a fresher.
    14. Most important, don’t forget to give your email address and phone number in contact information.
    15. Choose a professional template from the internet.
    16. Run spelling and grammar check. Make sure that your resume is error free.
    17. Start your resume either with an Objective or a Summary.
    18. Do not use fancy color fonts.

Last but not the least, prepare your own resume. You can take professional help to optimize it.

A good resume is incomplete without a cover letter. So it is very important to have a cover letter as it creates a very strong impression on the mind of recruiters. Many times the recruiters receive a large number of resume so a good cover letter can distinguish your resume from other applicants. A cover letter contains the summary of the candidate and why the candidate is interested for the particular post. A cover letter is generally sent along with the resume.

Some guidelines for a good cover letter are listed below:

  • Mention all the personal information and employer information. This includes name, address, contact number and email address.
    • Date of Application.
    • Proper salutation like Dear Sir/Madam.
    • First paragraph with the details why you are interested to apply for the particular position.
    • Second paragraph with the details why you are suitable for that particular position, support yourself with your career background or example from your resume.
    • Closing note: Conclude by thanking the reader for his/her time and consideration.
    • Finally add your signature.