API Documentation Course
Name of the Course

Certification Course in API Documentation


1 Week (5 working days, each session one and half hour)

Course Fee

Rs. 9000/- (USD $190 for candidates outside India)

To be paid through wire transfer at the time of registration. Contact us for more details


Candidates should have some experience/knowledge in Technical Writing

Hands-on Training

It is a Hands-on training program, therefore, apart from the conceptual knowledge, you will be made to create API documentation for real APIs.

The aim is to make you undergo the whole life-cycle of creating API documentation to instill confidence in you

Training Methdology

The training will be imparted through web-conferencing tools such as skype. You will be able to see and talk with the instructor. The instructor in turn will be able to see the work you are doing on your system

You will be free to clarify your doubts during the session.


During the course of training, you may be given assignments that you would be expected to complete after the session

Understanding API
  • What is API
  • Types of API
  • Current Trends
Understanding API Documentation
  • Purpose of API Documentation
  • Overall structure of API Documentation
  • Documentation elements of each API
  • Standards for API dodcumentation such as RAML, Swagger
Acquiring API Knowldge
  • Paradigm Shift – Understanding what you cannot see
  • Tools to view APIs
Planning API Documentation
  • Desiging Documentation Structure
  • Identifying API patterns
  • Deciding the documentation format
  • Tools for API documentation
Creating and Reviewing API Documentation
  • Identifying single-use and re-usable elements
  • Documenting each Element of API pattern
  • Documenting examples and sample code for APIs
  • Planning single-sourcing for API documentation
  • API Documentation and DITA/XML